We Are Infinite.

Existing in one dimension for 7 years as the well known Brooklyn jewelry line + shop, Old Hollywood, creator tiff porter is acting style anthropologist bringing you one-of-a-kind collectible wearables from around the world. Here she offers her own line of jewelry, custom work, and hand picked items you will treasure for a lifetime.   


Tintinna Neckpiece Tintinna Neckpiece Quick View

Tintinna Neckpiece


Incredible beaded choker with the prettiest sounding bells on the ends (doesn't make noise while you wear it really, unless you REALLY go for it, s...
Caravan Harness Caravan Harness Quick View

Caravan Harness


Caravan harness made with adjustable leather staps, vintage tassels, and beadwork.  Details on each one are unique, but will be made to match.  The...
Brooklyn Tribe Crop Tops Brooklyn Tribe Crop Tops Quick View

Brooklyn Tribe Crop Tops


maroon patch
Fully constructed out of antique pieces from the middle east each crop is unique.  Leather ties with tassels on the side, perfectly sexy with a lit...
Threaded Arrow Necklaces Threaded Arrow Necklaces Quick View

Threaded Arrow Necklaces


Horizontal Arrow
Bright Colors
Earth Tones
Chain Style
Each one is original.   Wrapped brass arrows on oxidized sterling silver or gold filled chains.  Available horizontal or vertical on thicker chain ...
Layla Belt Layla Belt Quick View

Layla Belt


One of the best ones!  This belt is so intricate and amazing!  Just LOOK at it!  I love this piece.
Sgt. Pepper Hat: Prism Edition Sgt. Pepper Hat: Prism Edition Quick View

Sgt. Pepper Hat: Prism Edition


This hat is my insanity made visible.   Hand laid mirrors mosaic, and various studs.  Each hat is adorned with a textile, (each one unique) and the...

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