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Tiff Porter

Tiff is in constant evolution.  Continually inspired by what fuels her creation: textiles, beadwork, and adornments from around the world and through the ages; Tiff can't just be, do, or make, ONE thing.   
A Kentucky native, Tiff grew up climbing trees and collecting crawdads from streams.  At age 8, she was taught to sew by her Grandmother and her favorite activities were picking out clothes for her Barbies and drawing countless pictures with the front of the house on the front, and the tearaway with the layout of the house (including furniture) drawn on the back.  She would spend days creating the most elaborate Barbie houses that took up the entire room.  Using small jewelry boxes as coffee tables and rolled up towels as wrap around sofas.  
By the time she graduated college, Tiff had started her own clothing line and had developed a full blown love and knowledge of vintage clothing & mid-century design that was fine tuned as the buyer for 2 major vintage houses in New York City, where she has now called home for 11 years.   Her world exploded as the buyer of a beloved Brooklyn jewelry store, where from she expanded into a jewelry line and store of her own called, Old Hollywood.
[see Old Hollywood page for more on this project]
Throughout the years Tiff has played the role of Stylist, Event Designer, Set Designer, Window Designer & Dresser, Tastemaker, Merchandiser, Interior Decorator, Interior Designer, Prop Stylist, Jewelry & Accessories Designer, & Costumer.  
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